Musical Monkeys 


Fun, Music & Exercise
Whilst Learning

Classes are mirrored on the pre-school & foundation stages.  Watch your children develop through Musical Monkeys!!


Musical Monkeys is a structured music & physical activity class aimed at pre- school, P1, P2 and can be adapted for Special Schools.  Each class is structured and has a different theme.  We use professional percussion instruments, not toys and each class is made up of different sections:

>Hello song (each child will say hello to our friendly monkey)
>Exercise Section (jumping, hopping, balance, stretching)
>Theme Section (a different theme each week)
>Instrument Section (each child will be given their own instrument)
>Healthy Eating (where we discuss a different fruit / veg each week and sing a song about healthy eating)
>Recap on the day’s lesson
>Goodbye Song (each child will say goodbye to our friend, monkey)

Each class will last 45 minutes and can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly- or even just for a special occasion, the choice is yours.