Musical Monkeys is FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend it! I invited Musical Monkeys for a ten session taster within Pre-school room and a short class in the Toddler room and the children enjoyed every minute of it. The following term we got Musical Monkeys back to do a class with babies, toddlers and pre-school aged children. Lorraine planned her songs around our curriculum themes and the children benefitted greatly. The whole Musical Monkey’s experience was very educational, it was great watching the children developing and learning though each class. These sessions in our nursery were definitely an asset to our curriculum and the children remember their classes with fond memories. Lorraine works with the children with ease and confidence and in turn the children feel very comfortable in her presence.  The atmosphere was relaxed and fun and it allowed the children freedom of expression and movement. Lorraine is passionate about music and is passionate about the children developing a love for music too. I have recommended Musical Monkeys to parents and churches and would also recommend it to you. 

Elisha Bradley

UUJ Day Nursery Manager 

Great fun but educational experience enjoyed not only bt the girls but the leaders also . Lyn McCambley Leader at Rainbows Guides.

Lyn McCambley, Leader at Rainbows Guides 

Musical Monkeys has been coming to my nursery for several years now and Lorraine has always delivered an excellent program for the children. She asks about our theme and then creates an agenda of activities and songs that fits in perfectly. She is lovely with the children and they are all very responsive to her bubbly character! The session lasts about an hour which is just right to keep the children attentive all the way through. Lorraine brings a range of musical instruments and the children can all have one each. This is great for me as we cannot afford 26 of everything and the children really appreciate being able to play along together. Overall, Musical Monkeys is a great fun session where the children are enjoying themselves and learning too! The activity is reasonably priced and I highlyrecommend that you give it a go!

Rosie Tweedie, Silverstream Nursery Unit

Musical monkeys was a wonderful experience for all who attended. The children were very excited about taking part in all the themes and using the wide selection of musical instruments and resources that Lorraine provided.

It was very sad when the sessions ended and the children still have many discussions about when musical monkeys is returning. Great value!

Tracey Massey
Supervisor Senior Play Group Wishing Well Family Centre

"My daughter has been to a number of Summer programmes with Musical Monkeys and she recently had Lorraine at her birthday party. On each occasion the songs + rhymes were adapted to suit the individual additional needs of the children present. Lorraine has the ability to entertain and at the same time educate the child in a fun manner. I wish Lorraine well with her new classes".
Michele * 

What an impressive class! I’ve been in childcare for 25yrs and Musical Monkeys is honestly one of the best classes.  Real fun and educational.  I would highly recommend it.  Day Nursery.

Lorraine has been providing Musical Movement Sessions in our nursery school for over five years.  She relates the songs to our current themes and topics.  Lorraine provides all the resources and musical instruments.  The children thoroughly enjoy the sessions with her.   Principal, Nursery School